Building your design muscles

2016 Spring Quarter


About the Design Muscles

For many of us, creativity is a never-ending life pursuit. Design doesn’t just happen when we’re getting messy in the studio, or presenting new ideas to clients at a whiteboard. Whether it’s thriving in ambiguity or transforming a harsh critique into something productive, what is different about the way designers perceive and respond to the world around them?

In ‘Building Your Design Muscles’, we looked at the things designers do everyday to shape up their practice. This five part series of design thinking workshops can support your students' learning of design thinking by building the skills they need outside of the ‘design process’. 

Each session focuses on practicing a different core design capacity: Noticing, Ambiguity, Negotiation, Metaphors, and Critique. The classes include experimental workshop exercises, presentations, facilitated discussions and structured debriefs. For new designers and non-design students, muscles are awoken for the first time. For more seasoned design students, we introduce tips and techniques for strengthening their fundamentals.