Practicing Ambiguity

use this ACTIVITY to help your students get comfortable with not knowing answers for hard problems.

Ambiguity is inherent to any design challenge but trying to get out of those moments prematurely can shortcut creativity. Instead, cultivating our ambiguity endurance allows us to hold steady in the messiness of the design journey and explore more deeply, making way for new thinking and connections. This session includes an ambiguous immersion activity, a mindfulness exercise, a facilitated discussion on stewing in ambiguity versus pushing through, and more.

How long does it take?

90 minutes

When should I use it?

At the beginning of your course or at the start of a design project to help set the foundation for wayfaring design thinking throughout the quarter.

where should I start?

Familiarize yourself with the slides and read through the overview. 


Materials can be found here


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